Our Caregivers

AT HOME WITH YOU not only complies with Illinois State regulations for employee background checks and training, but exceeds them.

We carefully select our Caregivers to provide the most experienced, dependable, and compassionate care.  Our Caregivers are comprehensively interviewed by a Registered Nurse with Home Health Care experience and are held to a high standard for job performance.

Our Caregivers have passed National criminal background checks, including the National Sexual Offender Registry, reference checks, and are required to provide state driving records, along with proof of minimum valid automobile insurance.  We perform drug testing upon hire, and also randomly. We are FCRA compliant with this.

Your safety and comfort is a priority. Our Caregivers are trained by Registered Nurses with Home Health Care experience, are required to pass competency tests, and are evaluated regularly, surpassing the state requirements.   We provide individualized, client based instruction as needed.  Training in Alzheimer and Dementia care is provided to all Caregivers, along with extensive education in home safety and fall prevention.  We also offer continuing education and support to our Caregivers to provide you with the best, individualized care AT HOME WITH YOU.

To ensure our client’s protection, we have a time and attendance phone system that requires the Caregiver to call from the client’s phone at the beginning and end of their shift documenting the date, time and location. We are HIPPA compliant; your privacy is important to us. Most significantly, our Caregivers are OUR EMPLOYEES! Unlike other agencies, we withhold taxes; provide liability insurance, and worker’s compensation.  Our Caregivers are registered with the Illinois Department of Public Health, Health care worker registry, and are fully insured and bonded.

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