Veterans Benefits


It is a privilege to care for our veterans who served our nation in its time of need.  We can help to provide you with the information you need complete your applications and to help you avoid potential pension claim delays. Our compassionate Caregivers are here to provide the quality care and companionship that our veterans deserve AT HOME WITH YOU.

What are VA Benefits & Pension? 

The VA pension benefits are a non-service connected pension benefit to help wartime veterans with non-reimbursed medical expenses. Even the spouse of a wartime veteran is eligible.  There are eligibility requirements, but you don’t have to be impoverished to qualify. Disability for this benefit is defined by either being over the age of 65, permanently disabled and unable to work, or homebound and in need of regular aid and attendance, and that can be at home, or in assisted or supportive living facilities. There are a few programs you may qualify for.

Non-reimbursed medical expense include doctor’s fees, dentist’s fees, Medicare premiums and copayments, health insurance premiums, transportation costs to physician’s offices, and the care costs of assisted living facilities or in-home caregivers/aides. These expenses are deducted from the Veteran’s gross income for use in determining the income reported on the application. 

imagesThe VA program allows for the following benefit amounts (2009 figures):

• Married wartime veteran Up to $1,949 per month tax-free

• Single wartime veteran Up to $1,644 per month tax-free

• Widowed spouse of a wartime veteran Up to $1,056 per month tax-free

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact our office:

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Or you may contact the US Department of Veteran Affairs or, or an elder care/law attorney.


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