Our Placement Services

Sometimes the costs of long-term care may seem overwhelming…

AT HOME WITH YOU offers you an alternative.  You can receive a highly qualified and trained Caregiver with our placement services, which includes criminal background screening and drug testing. This service is for clients with long-term needs, who wish to employee their Caregiver, and feel comfortable with the responsibilities of that role.


Services that you receive for this may include, but are not limited to:


• A complimentary assessment by a Registered Nurse to ascertain Client needs and Caregiver requirements/requests to assist with the best personality and skills match.

• A complimentary home safety evaluation by a Registered Nurse with recommendations for any necessary adaptations.

• Multiple Caregivers (which have been preselected based on an R.N. assessment, client needs, and requests) for interviewing.

• Joint interviews with an agency supervisor, client, and caregiver.

• Assistance with the interviewing process, if desired by the client, inclusive with a list of questions which are individually prepared  and tailored  to meet specific client needs and requests.

• Provide Caregiver reference list that agency will have verified

• Background check and registration with the Illinois Department of Public Health, Health Care Worker Registry.

• Eight hours of training and education will be provided, or verified, prior to placement.

• Caregiver will be tested and demonstrate competency prior to placement.

• Individualized, client specific education and training will be provided by a Registered Nurse.

• Drug testing upon hire.

• Orientation of Caregiver to Client and home environment.

• 30 days of agency phone support with a home visit if needed.

• 30 day money back guarantee and guarantied replacement of caregiver if caregiver leaves within 6 months of hire.

• Direct placement of Caregiver, you become their employer; you negotiate salary, taxes, and insurance needs (Liability, etc. if desired or requested).


AT HOME WITH YOU, LLC will provide the above placement services in compliance with all guidelines, regulations, and licensure with the Illinois Department of Public Health as a Home Service Placement Agency.


Just call, or ask for your free consultation, to see if this service is right for you! 

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